Services: Decision Support

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There will inevitably be crossroads in your growth and expansion plans efforts where major decisions with long-lasting effects will be necessary.

Financing - We provide support in your financing decisions including but not limited to:
• Advise on types, costs and hurdles to obtaining financing
• Introduction to sources of capital
• Capital structure and working capital analysis
• Treasury, cash management and banking relations recommendations.
• Evaluation of financing offers and bank product alternatives
• Developing cash flows, projections, etc. to meet lender requirements.

Mergers and Acquisition Advisory Services - Selling your business or buying a business involves a lot of analysis and preparation internally and coordination with attorneys, CPA's bankers and brokers.

On the buy side, AqualityCFO, LLC will provide consideration to the key decision components including:
• Strategic goals to be accomplished via an acquisition
• Candidates selection, preliminary review and contacts
• Business plans for the company combination and realization of synergies
• Tax structure, Asset/Stock purchase considerations
• Terms of Purchase including indemnities etc.
• Financing & Business Valuations.

On the sell side, AqualityCFO, LLC will provide consideration to the key decision components including:
• Securing a fair valuation
• Plan for marketing the business and Identifying and evaluating potential buyers
• Preparation of financial projections & data for a Sale Memorandum
• Negotiating terms of sale including tax structure, indemnities etc.

Capital Investment - As the business grows and technology changes, investments in plant, equipment, business systems and technology will be necessary. Such investment, especially when large, requires analysis of expected returns and payback periods as well as evaluation of the potential costs of not making the investments. We have substantial experience in performing capital decision analysis.

Turnaround and Loan Workout - Should your company or your client start to have trouble in satisfying creditors, careful evaluation of the options to fix the situation need to be analyzed particularly related to how business cash flow is affected. Doing this in advance of bank involvement is clearly the best option before the lender begins to place additional restrictions.