Services: CFO Support Services

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Risk Management - is the use of insurance and processes to limit the risk of losses to the company. This usually takes the form of reviewing insurance programs, selective use of commodity or currency hedges, customer and vendor contract terms, credit policies and insurance, use of letters of credit in international trade, business processes and inventory management policies to name a few. AqualityCFO, LLC has experience in these areas and can work with clients and their brokers, bankers, auditors and management team to identify ways to reduce risk to the company.

Interim CFO or Controller Roles - In addition to providing some of the other services that are typically those provided by a financial department, we may fill in on a temporary basis as your CFO, Treasurer, Controller or other financial department role with the client retaining approval authority on recommendations. AqualityCFO, LLC can help in the selection process and smooth the transition by providing interim support.

CFO/Finance Department Support - If you already have a CFO or Controller, we can help your people in meeting their goals. For many reasons, the company finance department may find it lacks the internal resources necessary to complete the multitude of simultaneous, time-sensitive tasks. AqualityCFO, LLC can work with your existing management team, including your full-time CFO or Controller, to efficiently complete projects. Some examples of service in this area are:
• Cost benefit analyses
• Mentor, coach or training finance department employees or other management personnel
• Participation in selection, evaluation and implementation of financial systems
• Employee benefits evaluations
• Cost reduction analyses

Services not provided - Although a CPA credentialed person will be providing services to your company, AqualityCFO, LLC is not in the practice of public accounting and does not provide Audit, Attest, Compilations or Reviews, Internal Controls, Fraud Detection or Assurance Services.