Services: Business Operations

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Business Plans, Forecasts & Performance Improvement Measurement

Successful companies run their businesses with attention to creating the future. Less time can then be spent in reactionary mode fighting fires. We work with our clients to evaluate the business strategy and translate that into operation plans with measurable goals and accountabilities. Financial projections, budgets and cash flow analyses that evaluate company growth and expansion plans under various scenarios can be modeled to see if the operational goals will achieve desired results.

A key output from the planning process is measurable goals for the company and individual departments. These Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are summarized on Score Cards and serve as the benchmarks for achievement of desired financial results, compensation plans and performance reviews. During periodic reviews of the Financials and Score Cards, emphasis is placed on corrective actions or adjustments to plans.

AqualityCFO, LLC guides and supports the company’s team in the planning, budgeting, forecasting and measurement cycle. Deliverables from the process include:
• Strategic Plans
• Annual Operating Plans
• Financial Forecasts
• Business Process Improvements
• Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Management
• Balanced Score Cards

Cost, Pricing, Margin Analysis

As owners and business managers, you make individual decisions on product pricing and pricing for key customers. It is important to understand the price and product cost relationships to drive product profitability. What are your variable and direct costs of a product or customer? What are the cost drivers adding to product cost? What does the product contribute to covering fixed costs and profit margins? How profitable are your customers?

We are experienced in helping our clients in answering such questions. We evaluate your costing process and recommend modifications where helpful in understanding product and customer profitability. With sufficient micro cost information available, individual products, product lines, and customer profitability analyses can be developed.

AqualityCFO, LLC brings knowledge of Activity Based Costing, Direct Costing and Full Absorption Costing in looking at your product costs in more strategic ways in addition to methods you use for inventory valuation methods to satisfy tax authorities.